An Anti-COVID Drug Discovery Research from Sacred Heart College, Kochi in the Identification of Potential Inhibitors of novel corona virus

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Even though the development of vaccine against COVID-19 pandemic is progressing in different parts of the world, a well-defined treatment plan is not yet developed. Dr. Abi T G and his research team from Sacred Heart College Thevara come up with a recent study that would help the development of drug or prophylaxis of COVID-19. The team consists of Dr. Sindhu K.S, faculty, Department of Chemistry, Morning Star College  Angamaly and Mr. Jibin K Varughese, research scholar of S H College.

After virtual screening of thousands of bioactive compounds, three dietary flavonoids, Amentoflavone, Naringin and Naringenin are identified as inhibitors of novel corona virus with the help of computer aided drug design (CADD).

The excellent inhibitory activities of these compounds are further confirmed by molecular dynamics simulation techniques. These compounds are of high interest because of their wide availability, low cost, no side effects, and long history of use.

This study is recently published in the reputed international science journal “Journal of Biomolecular Structure and dynamics”. These compounds are expected to be used as effective dietary supplements for home care patients.  The research team is going to test these compounds in future clinical trials to enrich the drug arsenal against COVID-19.