Type: Fossils

Category: Fossils

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. : Shell name : Orthoceracone, Shell form: Straight conical

Description/Characteristics :  

Nautiloids are a group of marine mollusks that belong to the cephalopod class Nautiloidea
Phylum: Mollusca;  Class: Cephalopoda;
Subclass: Nautiloidea; Shell: Nautiloids have a coiled external shell that is divided into chambers.
Chambered shell: The shell is divided into a series of gas-filled chambers, allowing the nautiloid to control its buoyancy.
Habitat: Nautiloids are primarily found in deep, open oceans.

Place of collections: Thiruchirappalli

Date/Month/year of Collection: 2017

Distribution: Living nautiloids, like the chambered nautilus, are not commonly found in the waters around India. However, fossilized remains of ancient nautiloids may be present in certain geological formations in India.

Uses if any: Study of  fossils

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