Type: sedimentary rocks

Category: sedimentary rock

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. :a surface formation that is enriched in iron and aluminium

Description/Characteristics :  

Laterite is a type of soil or rock that forms through weathering processes in tropical and subtropical regions.
Composition: Rich in iron and aluminum oxides, especially hematite and goethite.
Formation: Formed through the weathering of rocks, particularly under hot and humid tropical conditions, where chemical weathering is prevalent.
Texture: Exhibit various textures, ranging from hard and compact to loose and friable. texture is influenced by the degree of weathering.

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Distribution: Laterite is widely distributed across various regions of India
eg: Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats, Decan Platue, Coastal Regions, Northeastern states, Central India, Southern states, and Island regions.

Uses if any: building stone. Open cisterns, sewers, headwalls, culverts, flagstones, quays, moles, and break waters of laterite have functioned successfully for hundreds of years.

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