Janaparvam is an ambitious 10-year programme Janaparvam undertaken by the Department of Economics in collaboration with other departments of the college aimed at improving the quality of the life of BPL families of Maradu Panchayath in Ernakulam district is progressing steadily with remarkable results. Quality of Life Enhancement Programme 

The ten-year village adoption scheme of the college, ‘Janaparvam’ was launched in 2006 under the leadership of the Department of Economics and is supported by the students and faculty members of other departments. JANAPARVAM aims at enhancing the quality of life and integrated development of the poor people of the panchayat/ municipality in the neighbourhood. The specific objective of this programme is to provide quality education to U.P and High School students of BPL families of Mradu Grama Panchayat/Municipality and to evaluate and monitor the standard of living of the beneficiaries. 

Important Objectives 

Provide quality education

Practice self reliance

Planning family budget

Improving health and developing clean surroundings

Finding out new sources of income

Training for avoiding unnecessary expenses and for increasing Saving

Discourage loan taking for unproductive purposes

Local resource networking for all round development of BPL families.

Important activities 

  1. Regular week-end remedial classes on all subjects, particularly on Mathematics and English to High School Students by the teachers and students of concerned departments of the college.
  2. Special training for developing various talents of School students and Quiz competition on Social Sciences by the staff and students of Department of Economics
  3. Lab experiments and exhibitions to the High school students by Physics, Chemistry and Zoology Departments with the involvement of faculty members and students of the respective departments.
  4. Awareness programme to the parents of the school students by the faculty of the college and other resource persons on various topics like responsible parenthood, education, health and hygiene, promoting saving habit, clean environment and habitat etc.
  5. Evaluation and monitoring of standard of living of the BPL families – through diary recording on income, spending, saving, loan repayment etc., and finding out local resources for the welfare of BPL families.

Progress (2006-12)

This programme is being continued without any break for the last seven years. The formal inauguration of this venture was held at GVHSS, Mankayil, Maradu in 2006 with the involvement of the college, the school community, representatives of the local bodies and the public and the stakeholders. Regular weekend remedial classes are attended by 60 selected students of three divisions of Standard X. Classes on Mathematics are lead by Prof. W.T. Paul (Dept. of Mathematics) and selected students of the same department. Remedial classes on English are lead by Prof. Jose Abraham (Dept. of English) and Dr. V.T. Jose (Dept. of Economics). Classes on Biology are taken by Dr. M. S. Francis (Dept. of Botany) and on Physics by Dr. Siby Mathew ( Dept of Physics). 

Janaparvam: Project Summary

Village Adoption Scheme- Maradu Grama Panchayat-Ernakulam
Target Group: BPL Families in the Panchayat 
Centre: Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School, Mankayil, Maradu
Promoted by Department of Economics, S.H. College, Thevara
Project Co-ordinators: Dr. Jose. V.T & Prof. Madhusudanan Nair