Heartian Science Congress

This was begun in the year 2010 as an activity of SHARE (Sacred Heart Advanced Research Endeavour).  The already existing presentation contest of PG projects was the starting point. It was decided that all the departments shall join this contest, including the research scholars. It is designed to increase inter-disciplinary learning and serve as a platform for inter-departmental collaboration.


1. Qualitative improvement of PG dissertations through a two-level contest of the project

2. Dissemination of knowledge generated to the academic community

3. Enhancement of communication skills

4. Providing an occasion for the gathering of SH College researchers at the organisation.

Usually the contest is held after the PG projects are completed, and hence towards the end of July or beginning of August.  After a common session with some input in new areas of research by some eminent scholar, the group gets separated into Arts, Commerce and Science streams and two of the best projects from each department are presented before the academic audience to be judged by a panel of judges.  Prizes are distributed by a guest speaker, who delivers the valedictory address. The gathering also serves as the concluding finale of all the PG batches at the college