Green Initiatives

Protection of nature, conservation of natural resources and the fight against pollution have been taken up by the college as high priority issues for civic engagement. The initiatives in this connection include Organic Farming included an exhibition on organic farming and promotion through EM methods for waste management. In 2010, the college organised a seminar on vegetable cultivation in collaboration with Vegetable and Farm Promotion Council of Kerala, and has launched an annual organic exhibition and health promotion programme in collaboration with Organic Kerala. 

Go green‘ campaign launched in the year 2010 helped not only to vegetate the campus but to create awareness among the entire college community. Waste management and waste reduction were given special attention as part of the observations. Sensitisation programmes for water conservation have been another area of interface with the public. Sensitisation programmes. The urgent need to protect the mangroves of the south Kochi has led the department of Botany to initiate a programme for preserving mangroves, in collaboration with the Indian Railways. The premises of the college are declared plastic-free and efforts are being made to create awareness to protect the backwaters