Type:  Rock

Category: Metamorphic Rocks

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. :Quartz, feldspars, mica and amphiboles with alternate light and dark coloured bands giving rise to gneissic bands to the rock. Light and dark bands of felsic (such as feldspar and quartz) and mafic minerals (biotite, pyroxene, amphibole, garnet etc).are Essential Mineral Composition

Description/Characteristics :  

a high-grade, foliated metamorphic rock. medium to coarse grained alternate bands of light and dark minerals which render the rock with compositional and/or structural variation Hard and compacted

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Distribution: Gneiss is confined to small pockets in the Central India and in Karnataka, Banded gneissic complex in Aravalli. Bundelkhand craton, Chhotanagpur gneissic complex

Uses if any:Gneiss has been used as a building material, such as the Facoidal gneiss It is used as dimension stone in construction of building facings, paving

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