Type: sedimentary rock/ Structural geology

Category: clastic sedimentary rock


Varies from moderate (in case of lithic sandstone) to hard (quartz arenite).

Description/Characteristics :  

Folded sandstone formations result from tectonic forces causing the rocks to bend and fold.
Exhibit different types of folds, such as anticlines (upward arching) and synclines (downward troughs), formed by compressional forces.
Often affects the original horizontal layers of sandstone, creating complex patterns of folded strata.
Depending on the intensity of folding, sandstone may undergo some degree of metamorphism.

Place of collections:


Date/Month/year of Collection: 2022


Popular sandstones occur in Vindhyan, Siwalik, Gondwana Supergroup of rocks and many other basins.

Uses if any:  

Sandstones are used as dimension stone for buildings as paving material. It is used in the construction of roads and buildings. Most of ancient times the temple, tomb, castle, gate and fort in India built-up of Vindhyan Red Sandstones. It is also used as an aggregate and filling material, etc.

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