Type: Sedimentary Rocks

Category: Clastic sedimentary rocks

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. :

Quartz (hard, vitreous luster, cleavage absent, conchoidal fracture).Feldspar (subvitreous luster, 2 sets of cleavages, conchoidal fracture. Rock fragments may include fine grained igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock clasts. Igneous-interlocking texture. Sedimentary-clastic/non-clastic texture and layering observed. Metamorphic-foliation is common. Rock fragments can be of jasper, chert, quartzite, limestone, basalt, granite or granodiorite. Sand, silt and clay size grains.

Description/Characteristics :  

Deposited near alluvial fans, braided rivers, where the debris brought from the mountain peaks are rounded in the streams and sorting starts to take place. Usually, large pebbles are left behind while smaller debris is carried further downstream.

Place of collections:

Date/Month/year of Collection: 2022

Distribution: Lower Vindhyans of Son Valley. Upper Siwalik, Sub-Himalaya, Jurassic rocks of Kachchh basin, Gujarat, Cuddapah basin, Andhra Pradesh.

Uses if any: Conglomerate is used as aggregate, for decoration of walls and floors and in construction of road. It is also host of many economic minerals.

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