Civic Engagement

Engagement with civic life is a mission that the college has been exploring through its various clubs and associations. It springs from the vision that the knowledge and skills that a student acquires through his/her education should be made available to the neighbouring community in order to improve its quality of life. Conversely, the student, through his/her interaction with the community gains direct experience from the ‘field’ to be subjected to further study and intellectual growth. The activities are chiefly in areas such as skill training, sensitisation programmes, surveys and reporting to the authorities concerned besides various outreach programmes.

The major programmes under this include the various green initiatives of the college, ‘Janaparvam’ a village adoption programme and Scheduled Tribe Empowerment Programme (STEP). In addition to the above programmes, the college organizes several outreach programmes based on topical relevance aimed at public welfare. 


The college has forged partnerships with a number of local, national and international bodies in extending its service and expertise. One of the major initiatives undertaken by the college is a comprehensive socio-economic survey of the people of the 58 and 59 Wards of the Corporation. The report of the survey is presented to the Corporation authorities for necessary action. Another important study was the survey on the psychosocial impact of the forced eviction on the people of Moolampilly to facilitate the Vallarpadam Container Terminal Project. The report of the survey is submitted to the local administration to speed up the rehabilitation process. The college collaborates with corporate and local bodies in lending support to the weaker sections of the society. This includes the distribution of umbrellas to the children of the underprivileged sections in the locality and the supply of essential furniture to the local schools with the support of organisations such as hotel Le Meridian and L&T.

Heartian Extended Arm for Life (HEAL)

Heartian Extended Arm for life is the extension programme of the Sacred Heart College Thevara, which is aiming to aware the public about the cancer care programme. The prominent lifestyle disease nowadays is cancer, so we extend our arms to help the people for holistic cancer programme in the three divisions of Cochin cooperation (Thevara, Konthuruthy, Perumannur).

Activities of the Heal Project

To create awareness among the people.

• To conduct Cancer screening camps.

• To give financial assistance and support for the cancer patients.

• To give livelihood support for the cancer patients.

• To conduct cancer incidence research.

College Ground

The College makes use of its facilities to reach out to the community and thus serves as a community resource centre. The sprawling grounds of the college are made available to the general public for helping them keep fit. There is a provision to get access by seeking permission for access through a downloadable format, on the basis of which Identity cards are issued to the general public for the use of the play courts during the permitted hours. It is also envisaged as an outreach programme, with health awareness programmes for the public thus contacted and getting them also involved in maintaining the environment clean and green.