Scientific Name: Vanilla sp.


Unique ID: 147

Systematic Position

Class: Monocotyledonae

Series: Microspermae

Family: Orchidaceae

Common Names

English – Vanilla



Description: This genus of vine-like plants has a monopodial climbing habitus. They can form long thin stems with a length of more than 35 m, with alternate leaves spread along their length. The short, oblong, dark green leaves of Vanilla are thick and leathery, even fleshy in some species. But there are also a significant number of species that have their leaves reduced to scales or have become nearly or totally leafless and appear to use their green climbing stems for photosynthesis. Long and strong aerial roots grow from each node. The racemose inflorescence’s short-lived flowers arise successively on short peduncles from the leaf axils or scales.

Habitat: Widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions

Distribution: Native to Mexico

Uses:  Foods, beverages and cosmetics