Fire Bush (പവിഴ മുല്ല)

Scientific Name: Hamelia patens Jacq.

Synonyms: Duhamelia odorata Willd. ex Schult., Hamelia brittoniana Wernham

Unique ID: 161

Systematic Position

Class: Dicotyledonae

Sub Class: Gamopetalae                        

Series: Inferae

Order: Rubiales

Family: Rubiaceae

Common Names

English – Redhead

Malayalam – പവിഴ മുല്ല



Description: Evergreen shrub having branched tap root system. Stem : Woody, solid, aerial, Erect, branched, cylindrical. Leaves : Cauline, whorled, stipulate, petiolate, simple, ovate, entire, acute, unicostate reticulate venation. Inflorescence : Polychasial cyme with each helicoid branch. Flowers : Ebracteate, hermaphrodite, actinomorphic, pentamerous, epigynous. Calyx made up of sepals 5, gamosepalous,petaloid, reddish, valvate. Corolla made up of 5 petals, gamopetalous, twisted, large and tubular. Androecium made up of 5 stamens, polyandrous, epipetalous, dithecous, basifixed, introrse. Gynoecium composed of pentacarpellary, syncarpous, inferior pentalocular, axile placentation. Fruit : 5-valved, loculicidal capsule, Seeds : Small, endospermic.


Habitat: Plains to High Altitude, Cultivated

Distribution:  Native to the American subtropics and tropics; cultivated as ornamental

Uses:  Traditional medicine; beverages