Orange Jasmine (മരമുല്ല)

Scientific Name: Murraya paniculata (L.) Jacq.

Synonyms: Camunium exoticum (L.Kuntze, Chalcas exotica (L.Millsp.

Unique ID: 153

Systematic Position

Class: Dicotyledonae

Sub Class: Polypetalae                        

Series: Disciflorae

Order: Geraniales

Family: Rutaceae

Common Names

English – Orange Jasmine

Malayalam – മരമുല്ല

Tamil – Katar-konci

Hindi – Kamini



Description: A small evergreen tree, upto 7m. The evergreen leaflets are dark green and pinnately compound with three to nine leaflets arranged alternately along the spine. The dark green leaves make a dramatic backdrop for the highly fragrant cream colored flowers. The shrub blooms most of the year. The flowers are followed by small oval red fruits with one or two seeds. The shrub is usually propagated from seed.


Habitat: Common on hills, especially in shaded ravines above 750-1400m  

Distribution: India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Indo-China, Malesia to N.Australia.  

Uses: Wood very hard, used for construction works and agricultural implements. Roots used in traditional medicine