Malabar Memecylon (കന്യാവ്)

Scientific Name: Memecylon randerianum S.M.Almeida & M.R.Almeida

Synonyms: Memecylon amplexicaule var. malabaricum C.B. Clarke, Memecylon cordatum Gardner ex Triana  

Unique ID: 181

Systematic Position

Class: Dicotyledonae

Sub Class:Polypetalae                   

Series: Calcyflorae

Order: Myrtales

Family: Melastomataceae

Common Names

English – Memecylon

Malayalam – കന്യാവ്

Tamil – Perungaca



Description: Habit : Trees up to 5 m tall; Branches and Branchlets: Branchlets terete, glabrous.; Leaves

Leaves simple, opposite, decussate, sessile or subsessile; lamina 5-13 x 2.5-5.5 cm, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, apex acute or obtuse, base rounded to subcordate, margin entire, thickly coriaceous; midrib canaliculate above; secondary nerves and tertiary nerves obscure or former slightly visible when dry; Inflorescence / Flower:Flowers blue, fascicled, singly or in very short pedunculate cymes, generally on lateral tubercles; Fruit and Seed: Berry, globose, seeds 1.

Habitat: Common understorey trees in evergreen forests up to 2400 m. .   

Distribution: Endemic to the Western Ghats- South and Central Sahyadris.