Giant Crinum Lily (പുഴത്താലി)

Scientific Name: Crinum asiaticum L.

Synonyms: Bromelia sylvestris Burm.f., Keura odora Thunb.

Unique ID: 223

Systematic Position

Class: Monocotyledonae

Series: Epigynae

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Common Names

English – Poison bulb/ Antidote Lily

Malayalam – പുഴത്താലി

Tamil – Visamumgil

Hindi – Nagadamani

Description: Bulbous herbs; bulb globose, 12 x 10 cm, neck 10-20 cm. Leaves clustered from the apex of bulbs, oblong, 70-100 x 1.5-8.5 cm, flat, coriaceous, glabrous, narrow at base, margin entire, apex gradually tapering. Scape to 30 cm long, often more, 1-2 cm across; umbels 10-17 cm, 30(50)-flowered; bracts hooded, ovate-lanceolate, 7-8.5 x 4.5 -5 cm; bracteoles to 5 cm. Flowers to 16.5 cm long, 10(14) cm across. Perianth salver-shaped; tube to 10 cm; lobes white, oblong-linear, to 7 x 1.2 cm, glabrous, 18-20 nerved, subacute, cuspidate. Filaments to 4.5 cm; anthers 2×0.2 cm. Ovary 3-celled; ovule(s) 1 or 2; style to 15 cm. Flowering and fruiting: April-July

Habitat: Sandy coasts and wet places in deciduous forests

Distribution: South India and Sri Lanka

Uses:  Medicinal; ornamental