Blue Trumpet Vine

Scientific Name: Thunbergia grandiflora (Roxb. ex Rottl.) Roxb.

Synonyms: Flemingia grandiflora Roxb. ex Rottl., Flemingia racemosa Herb. Madr. ex Wall.

Unique ID: 187

Systematic Position

Class: Dicotyledonae

Sub Class: Gamopetalae                  

Series: Bicarpellatae

Order: Personales

Family: Acanthaceae

Common Names

English – Blue Trumpet Vine

Hindi – Neel lata



Description: A large climber, leaves 3-7 by 1.5-6 inch sized, ovate or orbicular, subentire, angularly toothed, lower leaves deeply cordate, petiole long. Flowers large, bluish-white in receme, bracteoles conspicuous. Capsule small with 4 quetrous back. It is common in all types of forests in the state


Habitat: Plains to High Altitude, Cultivated

Distribution:  Native of Tropical Africa

Uses:  Ornamental; Leaves are eaten cooked as vegetable