African Bowstring Hemp

Scientific Name: Sansevieria cylindrica Bojer ex Hook.

Synonyms: Sansevieria angolensis Welw. ex Carrière, Sansevieria cylindrica var. patula N.E.Br.

Unique ID: 213

Systematic Position

Class: Monocotyledonae                

Series: Coronariae

Family: Liliacaeae

Common Names

English – African bowstring hemp



Description: Dracaena angolensis has striped, elongate, smooth, greenish-gray subcylindrical leaves. They are up to 3 cm (1 in) diameter and grow up to 2 m (7 ft) above soil. The spear sansevieria grows fan-shaped, with its stiff leaves growing from a basal rosette.

The species is interesting in having subcylindrical instead of strap-shaped leaves caused by a failure to express genes which would cause the cylindrical bud to differentiate dorsoventrally or produce a distinctive and familiar top and bottom surface to the leaf blade.The 3 cm (1 in) greenish-white tubular flowers are tinged with pink

Habitat:  Cultivated  

Distribution: Native to tropical west africa

Uses:  Ornamental purpose