Type: Mineral

Category: Carbonate minerals

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. : CaCO3

Description/Characteristics :  Colour – typically white or colourless or with light shades of variegated colours; hardness – 3; and cleavage – 3 sets (rhombohedral)

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Distribution: Calcite is a commonly occurring mineral and widely spread in the earth’s crust. It mostly occurs in pure form in nature similar to limestones and chalk and as a cementing material in other sedimentary rocks. Calcite is richly found in stalactites and stalagmites which form the cave deposits. Marble, is a metamorphic rock where the mineral calcite is found almost in its pure from. It is rarely found in igneous rocks such as carbonatite. Calcite is commonly found as vesicular fillings in igneous rocks.

Uses if any: Limestone is mostly used in construction material. It is used in the manufacturing of cement, glass, fertilizers and chemicals. ‘Iceland spar’ a best known variety of calcite is used in the manufacturing of nicol prism of polarising microscopes.

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