Type: Mineral 

Category: Phyllosilicates Mineral 

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. : K(Mg,Fe)2-3Al1-2Si2-3O10(OH,F)2

Description/Characteristics :  

Biotite is a common member of the mica group of minerals. It is a sheet silicate and belongs to the phyllosilicate subclass.
composed of potassium, aluminum, magnesium, iron, silicon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is characterized by a high content of iron and magnesium.

Biotite typically has a dark brown to black color. exhibits perfect basal cleavage translucent to opaque found in the form of small, flaky grains.

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Distribution: Biotite is found mostly in acidic and intermediate igneous rocks and forms an important constituent of schist and gneiss metamorphic rocks. It is rarely found in sediments and clastic sedimentary rocks.

Uses if any: Biotite has limited industrial applications compared to muscovite (another mica mineral) due to its higher iron content. However, it can still be used in some electrical and thermal insulation applications

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