Banded Iron Formations

Type:  Rock

Category: sedimentary rock/Metamorphic

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. : iron oxides

Description/Characteristics :  

Represented by extensive thick sequences of Precambrian age.
They are typically laminated with fine grained hematitic layers interbedded with chert/jasper/quartzite.

Place of collections:

Date/Month/year of Collection:

Distribution: Jharkhand – Singhbhum and palamu
Odisha – Keonjhar,  Sudhargarh, Mayurbhanj, Koraput and cuttack
Karnataka – Sandur, Shimoga, Chithradurga and Chikamaglur

Uses if any:  Most of the extracted iron is used in the manufacture of steel.
Some of the other uses of iron are in the manufacture of automobiles, rails, ships, construction industry, etc. besides in domestic applications.

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