The graduate program is designed to introduce students to the field of integrated marketing communications and to help them make better marketing communications decisions. The aim is to prepare the students with the knowledge they need to create and execute marketing strategies through a variety of channels and tactics. The students will learn how to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with regard to brand awareness, company revenue, and other key metrics.

The Digital Marketing course offered in the curriculum will enable students to understand the core components of digital marketing and to explore the various aspects of this field. It provides necessary knowledge about the digital marketing landscape and helps students acquire a new set of skills that equips them with tools to help create products and services. The rise of digital marketing has led to a paradigm shift in the marketing communication space, while also creating new opportunities for businesses to reach and engage consumers through digital technology.

Course Brief

Curriculum Structure:

Semester ISemester IISemester IIISemester IVSemester VSemester VI
Common Course: English ICommon Course:  English IICore Course: 7 Marketing ManagementCore Course: 12 Managerial EconomicsCore Course: 17 Operations ManagementCore Course: 21 Strategic Management
Language 1 (French for Business Communication) Common CourseLanguage II (French for Business Communication): Common CourseCore Course: 8 Human resource managementCore Course: 13 Financial managementCore Course: 18 Arts of graphicsCore Course: 22 Introduction to PR and Corporate Communication
Core Course: 1 Principles and methodology of managementCore Course: 4 Business mathematics:Core Course: 9  Business and media lawsCore Course: 14 EntrepreneurshipCore Course: 19 Engagement planning and new mediaCore Course: 23Ad Creative and campaign planning
Core Course: 2 Business accounting:Core Course: 5 Event ManagementCore Course: 10 Research methodology:Core Course: 15 Digital marketingCore Course: 20 Business ethics & environmental valuesProject: Management project
Core Course: 3 Business statisticsCore Course : 6 Business communicationCore Course: 11 Business information systemCore Course: 16 Integrated marketing communicationOpen courseCore Course: 24 Consumer psychology
Complementary course: 1 Introduction to PhotographyComplementary course: 2 Journalism and print mediaComplementary course: 3  MultimediaComplementary course: 4 TV production &planningComplementary course: 5     Radio production and planningComplementary course: 5 Cinema studies:

Faculty Members: Dr.Jisna N. MBA., Ph.D, Mr. Raghunandan, M.Sc., MBA, Mr. Atul T Ravi, MBA