B. A. English Language and Literature – Model 1               

The study of language and literature has traditionally been central to Humanities. In addition to equipping students with the ability to appreciate literature, it trains them to be discerning readers. Accordingly, the Model 1 graduate program offered by the college imbibes not only the core tenets of a traditional literature course but is also attuned to negotiate the complexities raised by the information age, characterized by a wealth of information and a resultant poverty of attention. We imagine the graduates of this programme as discerning readers, tasteful connoisseurs of art and socially outstanding citizens. The programme provides the students with the creative as well as critical faculties necessary in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

The BA English Language and Literature syllabus consists of 13 Core Courses in Literature, 6 Common Courses-I (English), 4 Common Courses II (additional languages), 4 Complementary Courses (Sociology/Psychology), 2 Complementary courses in Literary History, 1 Core Course in Environment and Human Rights, 1 Open course and 1 Elective Course (out of 4) in the Core subject. In addition to this, the students are expected to prepare a research project in the final semester in order to acquire the required number of credits. For the complementary subject, the board has decided to adopt Sociology since the propensity of Literary Studies in recent years has been towards Critical Humanities. Under the electives in semester four the college intends to offer four subjects, namely, Comparative Literature, Modern Malayalam Literature in Translation, Regional Literatures in Translation and Voices from the Margins. These courses will be delivered as online lectures as well as guided sessions. The ambit of the project in the fourth semester has been expanded to include creative writing projects.

Curriculum Structure

Semester ISemester IISemester IIISemester IVSemester VSemester VI
Common Course: English- 1Common Course: English- 3Common Course: English- 5Common Course: English- 6Core Course 7: Acts on the StageCore Course 11: Choice Based Course
Common Course: English – 2Common Course: English- 4Second Language Course 3Second Language Course 4Core Course 8: Literary Criticism and TheoryCore Course 12: Postcolonial Literatures
Second Language Course 1Second Language: Course 2Core Course 3: Harmony of ProseCore Course 5: Modes of FictionCore Course 9: Indian Writing in EnglishCore Course 13: Women Writing
Core Course 1:  Methodology of Literary StudiesCore Course 2: Introducing Language and LiteratureCore Course 4: Symphony of VerseCore Course 6: Language and LinguisticsOpen CourseCore Course 14: American Literature
Complementary 1 Course 1: Sociology / Psychology Complementary 1 Course 2: Sociology / PsychologyComplementary 2: Course 1: Evolution of Literary MovementsComplementary 2 Course 2: Evolution of LiteraryMovementsCore Course 10 Environmental Science and Human RightsCore Course 15 Modern World Literature

Opportunities after B.A English Language and Literature

Higher Studies: MA with specialisation in English/Mass Communication/Journalism/Women’s Studies/Library Science/all other programmes for which the eligibility is a graduate degree.

Career Options: Editorial assistant, school teacher, Content writer, Journalist, Publishing copy-editor/proof-reader, Web content manager, Copy Writer, Media Researcher, Social Media Manager etc.