At Sacred Heart college, we are passionate about the holistic development of our students. Our well trained faculty and dedicated support staff are constantly working towards this goal. The results of the college in academic and co-curricular activities front are a testimony to this..



    Our academic activities are led by faculty members spread across thirteen departments, two centers and a school dealing with arts, commerce and sciences.In addition to disseminating knowledge, some of our faculty members are also active in generating knowledge through research. We have seven approved research centers on campus, with approved research guides from among the members of faculty and from other institutions. We also have outreach programmes where knowledge is shared with the general public.

  • 01. Aquaculture
  • 02. Botany
  • 03. Chemistry
  • 04. Commerce
  • 05. Computer Science
  • 06. Economics
  • 07. English
  • 08.Mathematics
  • 09. Oriental Languages
  • 10. Physical Education
  • 11. Physics
  • 12. School of Communication
  • 13. Sociology


    We offer the possibility to do UG, PG, M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes to our students. Our UG programmes (B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.Voc.) designed to be finished in six semesters and a student can earn a maximum of 120 credits. In contrast the PG programmes (M. A. / M.Sc. / M. Com.) span four semesters, where the learner can earn a maximum of 80 credits. The duration of M.Phil. programmes are two semesters.

  • 01. Aquaculture
  • 02. Botany
  • 03. Chemistry
  • 04. Commerce
  • 05. Communication
  • 06. Computer Science
  • 07. Economics
  • 08.English
  • 09. Environmental Science
  • 10. Mathematics
  • 11. Physics
  • 12. Sociology

Teaching and Learning

    All UG and PG programmes have a well defined syllabus prepared as per UGC and University norms. Being autonomous, the college has Boards of Studies in various disciplines which review and update the syllabus of courses offered by the college. Each programme has a set of courses which the student needs to take. Courses are offered by the faculty assigned, to the students, as per a course plan so that the course requirements can be completed as the the semester time table.

  • 01. Syllabus
  • 02. Course Plan

Open, Add On and Service Learning Courses

    All UG students need to take a course, known as open course, on a topic other than their main and complementary subjects. Open courses are designed to broaden the scope of knowledge of every UG student, which otherwise tend to be limited to core/complementary subjects. This allows a science student to have a course on commerce, for example. We also are offering add-on courses, to enhance the job prospects of all UG students. In our add-on courses they get practical training on a spectrum of topics. Our add on courses are of 1 credit where as the open courses have 3 credits. To inculcate and enhance service mentality, it is made mandatory that all our UG students need to take part in a service activity of their choice for the stipulated duration of 40 hours, which is treated as a 1 credit course.

  • 01. Bridge Course
  • 02. Open Course
  • 03. Add on Course
  • 04. Service Learning