7.1.4. Water conservation facilities available in the Institution

Maintenance of water bodies (SHCOOB)

SH Centre for Organic Faarming, Ornithology and Biodiversity (SHCOOB), Arayankavu. This centre was established in Arayankavu, 25 kms from the college, for promoting biodiversity and related field level explorations and experiments. Being a plot located close to the low-lying paddy fields (Thotara Puncha), and with a sacred grove of the local community on its boundary, it is meant to be a field centre for hand-on experience in the three areas.

Organic paddy cultivation has been undertaken since 2011 by the College, with active student involvement every year. The produceslike brown rice and rice flour are made available on the campus at an affordable price. Monthly record of the birding activities are being monitored by Zoology Department. Regular updating of the floral biodiversity is undertaken by the Botany department. A large pond has been created for water storage as well as experiments in fish culture.