Student Support Schemes & Scholarship
Aim: It is the policy of the college that no student who gets admitted to the college on merit shall discontinue his/her studies on account of financial constraints. Accordingly, the college has made provision to reach out to those students who need financial/material support for their education. Accordingly, the Parent-Teacher Association, the Students’ Welfare Trust and the College Cooperative Society have made provision to help the needy students in the form of books, study materials and meal coupons besides financial support. Students who wish to avail of the assistance may apply in the prescribed form.

How to Apply:- Download the application form given below, carefully go through it and submit the duly filled application to the class teacher. The applications submitted through the class teachers are considered in the monthly meeting of welfare committee and the students are intimated of the decision. It is encouraged that the beneficiaries pay back the amount as and when they are able so as to replenish the resources.

Coordinator: Prof. Benny Varghese, Department of Sociology

Scholarships and Awards

1. Fr. Michael Graff Endowment for ‘Environment protection and the best classroom beautification instituted by Fr. Michael Graff.

2. Fr. Bernd Cire Endowment for Environment Protection and the Second best in classroom beautification contest.

3. Rev. Fr. Melesius Palatty Memorial Scholarship for the Child of ESA member who secures highest marks in SSLC, instituted by ESA.
4. Rev. Dr. Dan Thottakara publishing Scholars Award for Staff.
5. Rev. Dr. Dan Thottakara Students Service Award for staff.

6. Rev. Dr. Jose Kuriedath Endowment for the Best All-rounder (outgoing).
7. Dr. V.J. Dominic Endowment for best PG Science Project.
8. Sri. N.P. Vasudevan Memorial Endowment for student support.

Scholarships from Government Agencies

1) National Merit Scholarship - NMS 

Those who have passed SSLC with 50% marks can apply for this. Those with income below Rs.25,000/- will get Rs. 60/-per month and those with income above Rs.25,000/- will get a National scholarship of Rs.100/- and a merit certificate

2) State Merit Scholarship

Those who have secured 50% and more marks can avail this scholarship. Income limit is given below:

Class     Income Limit                      Scholarship Amount 

UG        Rs.10,000/-Per annum    Rs.625/- Per annum
PG        Rs.12,000/-Per annum    Rs.750/-Per annum 

3) District Merit Scholarship

Students who secure 80% or above marks in S.S.L.C. Examination are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants should send their application through their school itself. Students of P.G. Classes should give fresh application.

4) National Loan Scholarship

Those who have minimum 50% marks and with an annual family income below Rs. 25,000/- are eligible for this scholarship.

Class      Amount of Scholarship

I UG       Rs.720/-per annum
I PG       Rs.900/-per annum 
Students have to reimburse this amount within one year of getting employed.

5) Kerala State Govt. Scholarship 

These Scholarships are for low income group students.

Class      Income Limit                     Scholarship Amount

I UG       Rs. 10,000/- per annum      Rs. 625/- per annum  
I PG       Rs. 12,000/- per annum      Rs. 750/- per annum.

Application forms can be obtained from the college office. Application should be accompanied with income certificate and a copy of mark list. Application should be renewed every year.

6) University Merit Scholarship 

All those who have secured 50% and more marks are eligible for this. This has no income limit.

Class      Amount of Scholarship

UG         Rs. 900/- per annum
PG         Rs. 1200/- per annum

Although there is no prescribed application form for this, the candidates may submit an attested copy of the relevant mark list in the college office soon after getting admission.

7) Hindi Scholarship 

This scholarship is for students of non-Hindi speaking states for studying Hindi. Applicants should have passed previous exams. Completed application along with copies of mark lists should be submitted to the college office. Application forms can be had from the special officer for scholarship, Directorate of Collegiate Education (Annex), Sanskrit College Campus, Thiruvanthapuram-695034, by sending a request with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

8) K.P.C.R. Scholarship

All students who come under the low income category as mentioned below can avail this scholarship.

Class      Income Limit (per annum)

I UG - 25,000/- 
I PG - 42,000/- 

Application should be submitted along with attested true copies of S.S.L.C. Book (page 1), mark lists and income certificate from village officer. The application is to be renewed every year.

9) NCERT Scholarship 

Those who have cleared National Talent Research Scheme Test and with an annual family income below Rs. 50,000/- are eligible for the Scholarship. Application form can be had from National Council of Educational Research and Training, Sree Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016.

10) Labour Welfare Funds Scholarship 

This scholarship is for eligible children of members of Kerala Labour Welfare Board. The application form can be obtained from the Labour Welfare Fund Commissioner, Vazhuthakadu, Thiruvanthapuram-34.

11) Fishermen Scholarship 

This is only for the children of Fishermen and Fish Workers. There is no income limit. Application should contain copy of the S.S.L.C. book page No. 1 and copies of certificates revealing educational qualification. The eligible student should get counter signature on the application from the Fisheries Officer before it is submitted to the college office. The scholarship includes fees benefit, lumpsum grant and stipend. Application should be renewed every year.

12) OBC Educational Concession 

OBC Students with low income are eligible for stipends

Class      Income limit (per annum)

I UG       -              Rs. 25,000
I PG        -              Rs. 42,000 

Application along with caste and income certificate should be submitted to the college office within 5 days of the beginning of the course. Application forms can be had from the college office. Application for this scholarship should be renewed every year.

13) OEC Educational Concession 

Dheevara, Vala, Kudumbi and Christian converted communities are eligible for this stipend. There is no income limit. Lumpsum grant, stipend and fee concession are available for those who are eligible. They should obtain application form from the col¬lege office at the time of admission by showing the caste certificate. Applications should be submitted within 5 days of the commencement of the classes.

14) SPH (Scholarship for the Physically Handicapped)

Available for those who have 40% physical disability and their annual family Income is below Rs.24,000/- They should obtain the application form from the college office at the time of admission by showing a Physician’s certificate revealing the disability. The completed application form should be submitted to the college office within 5 days of the commencement of the classes.

15) SC Educational Concession

For Scheduled Caste students. They should obtain application form from the College office by showing a caste and income certificates. The completed application should be submitted to the college office within 5 days of starting the course. The scholarship includes lumpsum grant, stipend and fee conces¬sion. This should be renewed every year.

16) ST Educational Concession

For Scheduled Tribe students. The application form can be had from the college office by showing a tribe and income certificates at the time of admission. Completed application should be submitted to the college office within 5 days of the commencement of the course. The Scholarship includes lumpsum grant, stipend and fee concession.

17) Post-Matric Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to the meritorious students from eco¬nomically weaker sections of the minority communities, who have secured not less than 50% marks or equivalent grade in the previous final examination and the annual income of whose parents/guardian from all sources does not exceed Rs. 5 lakh.

18) UGC Scholarship for Single Girl Child

This is a postgraduate scholarship awarded to single girl children. The scholarship will be Rs. 2000 per month for two years. Recipi-ents of PG merit scholarship are not eligible for this scholarship. Application should be submitted to Joint Secretary(SA), University Grants Commission, Bahadurshah Safar Marg, New Delhi - 110002, along with proof age, proof of admission to a PG programme to a recognised University/College, and Affidavit of the single girl child status.

19) Other Scholarships Available

a) Merit Scholarship to the children of school teachers

b) Educational concession to the children of political sufferers  

c) Educational concession under the Unified Fee Concession Scheme 

d) Scholarship for proficiency in sports 


(1) For details students may contact the college office. 

(2) A student can avail only one Scholarship at a time.  

(3) Applications forms for Scholarships 1, 2, 3 & 4 can be had from: 

 The Special Officer for Scholarships,
 Directorate of Collegiate Education,
 Sanskrit College Campus,
 Thiruvananthapuram - 695034.

Scholarship Portals

Scholarship / Financial Assistance - Application Form
Students seeking the Scholarship/Financial assistance from college may download the application form, get it endorsed by Class Teacher and submit it to the HoD.

Anti Ragging Cell
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Phone: 0484 2870528 (Office)
Mobile: 9447577136 (M) 
Convener: Dr. Alphonse Ligori  

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