College Library
The general library of the college is a computerised resource centre with a collection of over 80,000 books and subscribes to 76 journals. In addition to the general library, there are departmental libraries for Economics, English and Zoology. The general library has a spacious reference section with a seating capacity of around 120, and has a collection of over 10,000 books for reference. The library is also equipped with advanced facilities such as RFID entry and CCTV monitoring.
Chavara I.T. Centre
The College has a computer centre capable of providing high quality training to the students. In recognition of the quality and standards maintained by the Computer Centre, IGNOU has accredited the centre for conducting various courses and programmes.
Wi-fi Campus
Accessing the Internet for learning purposes is encouraged and is often a part of the academic tasks and assignments given to the students. The college has provided internet access in the PG class rooms as well as at the college library apart from the various departmental computer centres. All the students, faculty members and the office are provided with round the clock secure internet access. The college office, Departments, Library, Chavara IT centre and P.G. Classes are linked through wired and wi-fi connections. This facilitates digital learning, online classes, interactive sessions, etc.
Audio- Visual Centre
Audio -Visual Equipments - LCD TVs, MP3/ DVD players, HD video camera, LCD Projectors, educational CD/ DVDs are provided for the students and staff to conduct classes, discussions, Tele conferencing etc. The digital recording facility is in place to enable the students to record, analyse and perfect their skills in group discussions.
Fr. Theobald Digital Studio
State-of-the-art technology in videography is provided in this facility. The studio is equipped with facilities for production, documentation and presentation such as video recording, dubbing and editing.
Language Lab
A facility to fine-tune the speaking skills of the students and the staff: Presentation, Group Discussion etc. are recorded live and replayed for correction and comparison using advanced technology. The lab is integrated with the Chavara IT Centre.
Fr. Berchmans - Instrumentation Centre
In this centre, advanced electronic devices and specialised equipment are installed for research and analysis. Apart from the students, the research scholars and the staff, the facility is accessible to those who seek consultancy from the college.
Mushroom Cultivation Centre
With a view to encourage self reliance among students, the college has established a facility for mushroom cultivation. The undergraduates in Botany undertake mushroom cultivation as a curricular activity each year. This is a job-oriented training programme.
Video Conferencing
A fully operational video-conferencing facility is set up in the Hedrian Hall for national level and international conferences.
Fr. Saviance Students Centre
The 2000Sq ft hall is used exclusively for various student activities organised by associations and clubs. It has a capacity of over 250 seats and is located above the college canteen, separate from the main block of the college.
Fr. Gabriel Zoology Museum
This is the largest and the most spectacular among the museums maintained in the colleges of Kerala. It was established in 1952 along side. About 2500 specimen on display in the museum have been collected from various parts of India and abroad. Two rare exhibits are the full skeleton of a whale and an elephant. Stuffed mammalian specimens like leopard, spotted deer, Nilgiri dhar and Australian mammals like kangaroo, platypus, echidna, etc are among them. Large number of local fishes and invertebrates add to the richness of the museum.
Cultural Museum
The cultural museum of the college was opened in 2011 with the support of the National Museums, a wing of the Department of Culture, Govt. of India. The museum has over 1000 exhibits and is the first of its kind in Kerala. The museum aims at archiving and showcasing local the cultural artifacts.