Type: Mineral

Category: Mineral

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. : KAl2(Si3AlO10)(OH)2

Description/Characteristics :  

Thin cleavage flakes of the mineral may show asterism (i.e. luminous effect shown by stars and as seen in some gemstones that reflect light) Colour – colourless or shinning white, brown or silver; transparency; form – sheet like; cleavage – one set; luster – vitreous and pearly

Place of collections:

Date/Month/year of Collection: 2017

The mineral muscovite is of magmatic origin and commonly present in felsic igneous rocks such as granite, granodiorite and pegmatites. In pegmatites, the muscovite occurs in large crystals called ‘Books’ that cleave into thin paper like sheets. It occurs in metamorphic rocks like phyllite, mica schist or micaceous gneiss. It is also found in some immature sedimentary rocks.

Uses if any:

Mica is used as an insulator in electrical equipment. Due to its pearly luster the mica flakes are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics. Ground mica is used in making of refractory roofing material, paints, plastics and rubber products.

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