Psychology aims to understand human behaviour and mental processes as well as its application to various spheres of human activity. Learning psychology helps to know oneself and others better, improve critical thinking and communication skills, understand relationships, appreciate different stages of development, develop a new perspective on mental health, improve scientific rigor and appreciate the relevance of interdisciplinarity.

The graduate programme in Psychology at Sacred Heart College follows the syllabus approved by MG University for the academic year 2020-21. It is a six semester programme distributed over three years. The course structure consists of 10 core courses in Psychology, 4 complementary courses pertaining to physiology of behaviour, 4 complementary courses in Statistics, 4 courses in psychology practicals, 1 experimental learning project and 1 research project. Additionally, there are 6 common courses in English, 4 common courses in additional languages, 1 open course (elective) and 1 elective core course. 

Curriculum Structure:

Semester ISemester IISemester IIISemester IVSemester VSemester VI
Common course English1Common course English3Common course English5Common course English6Core course 5 Abnormal PsychologyCore course 8 Psychology of maladaptive behaviour
Common Course English2Common course English 4Second language course3Second language course4Core Course 6Foundations of organizational behaviourCore Course 9 Child development
Second language course1Second language course 2Core Course 3 Living in the social worldCore Course 4 Social Interactions and Human BehaviourCore Course 7 Environmental psychology and human rightsCore Course 10 Managing behaviour in organizations
Core Course 1 Foundations and methods of PsychologyCore Course 2 Basic cognitive processesComplementary 1 Course 3 Neurophysiology of behaviourComplementary 1 Paper 4 Biophysiology of behaviourOpen course Counselling Psychology/ Life Skills DevelopmentCore Course 11 (Choice based -Any one from the options available)
Complementary 1 Course 1 Body systems and behaviourComplementary 1 Course 2 Biological basis of behaviourComplementary 2 Course 3 Statistical methods and Elementary ProbabilityComplementary 2 Course 4 Statistical inferencePsychology Practical Experimental PsychologyPsychology Practical Psychological assessment
Complementary 2 Course 1 Basic StatisticsComplementary 2 paper 2 Statistical toolsPsychology PracticalPsychology Practical  Project 1  Project 2

Opportunities after B.Sc. Psychology:

Higher Studies: M. Sc. Psychology, Applied Psychology, Counselling Psychology and programmes for which the eligibility is a graduate degree

Career Options: Advertising Executive, Career Counsellor, Child Care Worker, Market Researcher, Teacher, Health Educator, Psychiatric Assistant, School Psychologist/Counsellor, Staff Recruiter, Mental Health Worker or Public Servant.

Faculty Members

 Dr. Lakshmi Mahadevan, M.A. Ph.D.

Advisory Team: Rev. Dr. Varghese Pudussery CMI, Director, Santhwana Counselling Centre.

Rev. James Kunthara, MA Counselling Psychology.