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         Arachnology Division

The Division of Arachnology was established in the year 1998 with the objective of conducting authentic studies on spiders of South India, especially in the state of Kerala. The division functions under the Department of Zoology of Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Cochin, Kerala, India. This is the only research centre in South India engaged in Arachnology research. Two scientists and 8 full-time research scholars are conducting the studies.

Our Team

Dr. P. A. Sebastian
Head and Principal Investigator (DST project)

Dr. M. J. Mathew
Assistant Professor and Co investigator

Fr. M. J. Jobi
Research Scholar

Pradeep M. S
Research Scholar

Elizabeth V. Mathew
Junior Research Fellow

Jimmy Paul
Junior Research Fellow

Jithin Johnson
Junior Research Fellow

Minu M.
Research Scholar

Anitha Abraham
Research Scholar

Aneesh Mahew Vergis
Research Scholar

The following are the thrust areas of research:

  • • Diversity of spider fauna in Kerala State, India.

    • Spiders as biocontrol agents

    • Study of the feeding potential of spiders of paddy and vegetable agro-ecosystems and the effect of

    insecticides on spiders as part of integrated pest management.

    • Behavioural study of jumping spiders of Kerala

    • Maintenance of reference collection of Kerala spiders.

Faunal Explorations:
The Division conducts routine faunal explorations in different parts of Kerala state namely Agasthyamala, Thenmala, Vagamon, Thattekkad, Parambikulam, Wynad, Kuttanad, Munnar, Mannavan Shola and the entire Ernakulam district. The division has so for identified more than 300 spiders from Kerala including 40 new species to science and 30 first reports. Araneus himalayensis, a rare spider reported only in the Himalayas has been collected from Mannavan Shola, near Marayur. A recent exploration to Vagamon grasslands and nearby shola forests yielded a collection of 44 species of spiders.

The division is also actively engaged in the research of Indian Tarantulas (Tiger Spiders). Out of the four species of tiger spiders reported from India (Poecilotheria striata, P. rufilata, P. regalis and P. kirki.), P. striata and P. regalis were collected from Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary and Ernakulam, respectively. This is the first documentation of these spiders from Kerala since they were first reported in 1870’s by the British biologists. Similarly Haploclastus kayi has been collected from Parambikulam and Thenmala forests.

Our scholars have over and over been honored with international fellowships and grants.

Endeavour Award

Dr. Mathew M.J. was awarded the prestigious Endeavour Award of the Commonwealth of Australia and had successfully completed a postdoctoral programme in spider taxonomy and phylogeny in Australia as part of the award. His postdoctoral research was hosted jointly by the University of Western Australia and Western Australian Museum in Perth, Australia.

International Foundation of Science

Dr. Mathew M.J. was awarded a research grant from International Foundation for Science, Stockholm, Sweden for a research project on spiders in Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve. The research programme was successfully completed in August 2010.

EOL Rubenstein Fellowship 2010

Dr. Sudhikumar A. V. was awarded the much prestigious Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) Rubenstein Fellowship in 2010. The EOL Rubenstein Fellows program supports the research of a diverse group of scientists who are committed to online collaboration and outreach. It is done in collaboration with Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, Washington D C. Dr. Sudhikumar is the first Indian to be chosen for this award. Proposal to create EOL species pages of Spiders of Western Ghats with taxonomic information, detailed description, range maps, type specimen information, and high quality images won him this meritorious fellowship.

Ghent University Fellowship
Dr. Sudhikumar A. V. was awarded doctoral fellowship by the Ghent University, Belgium in 2006 to conduct study on Phylogeography of the spider genus Hippasa.



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