Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)

Thevara, Kochi - 682013

Self study report : cycle - IV

NAAC Quality Indicator Framework

Workshops/Seminars on Research Methodology, IPR, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development: 2014-15


Sl No: Name of the Event Date Organising Department/Club Entrepreneurship/ IPR/ Research Methodology/ Skill Development Supporting Document
1 Workshop for Hands-on Training in Fish Breeding 21.04.2015 Department of Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Development
2 Seminar on the Occasion of National Science Day Celebrations 25.02.2015 Department of Chemistry Entrepreneurship Development
3 Seminar on Emerging Trends in Kerala Tourism 26.02.2015 Department of Commerce (Travel and Tourism) Entrepreneurship Development
4 A Seminar on the Union Budget 2015 13.03.2015 Department of Economics Entrepreneurship Development
5 Seminar on Money, Market and Management 05.03.2014 Department of Commerce Entrepreneurship Development
6 Seminar on New Frontiers in Chemical Research 04.12.2014 Department of Chemistry Intellectual Property Rights
7 National Workshop On Moodle Management System 30.05.2014 Fr. Sales Library, SH College Intellectual Property Rights
8 National Seminar on Spectroscopic Methods 27.03.2015 Department of Chemistry Research Methodology
9 National Seminar on Feminist Autobiography: Gendered Subalternity Discovering ‘Her’Self 28.10.2014 Department of English Research Methodology
10 National Seminar in English Literature on Globalization and Cosmopolitanism: The Future of Humanities 26.03.2015 Department of English Research Methodology
11 National Seminar on “Autonomy for colleges – A Means to Quality Enhancement in Higher Education 08.01.2015 IQAC, SH College Research Methodology
12 National Seminar on Recent trends in Mathematics 16.01.2015 Department of Mathematics Research Methodology
13 National Workshop on Recent developments in Cosmology 10.09.2014 Department of Physics Skill Development, Research Methodology
14 Seminar on the Occassion of World Wetland Day 02.02.2015 Bhoomithrasena Club Skill Development
15 Seminar on Tourism: Travel ‘o’ scope 2015 15.02.2015 Department of Commerce Skill Development
16 Workshop on Early Cancer Detection and Prevention 27.01.2015 Department of Computer Science Skill Development
17 Discussion and Talk on Post Modern Theory in English Literature 02.10.2015 Department of English Skill Development
18 Seminar in connection with World Ocean Day 10.06.2014 Department of Aquaculture Skill Development
19 National Seminar and Panel Discussion on Union Budget 25.04.2014 Department of Economics Skill Development
20 National Seminar on Blessed Chavara Pioneer of spiritual empowerment and social transformation 22.11.2014 IQAC, SH College Skill Development
21 Annual National Seminar Series: Chavara “Excellence for Social Transformation” 28.11.2014 SH College Skill Development
22 National Seminar and Zoology Fest: GENYSYS 23.02.2015 Department of Zoology Skill Development
23 Workshop on Paper Bag Making 25.06.2014 SWASTI, Women’s Cell Skill Development
24 Workshop on Jewellery Making 10.07.2014 SWASTI, Women’s Cell Skill Development
25 Seminar on Urban Environment Issues with special focus on Cochin 02.12.2014 Department of Zoology Skill Development