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3.4.3 Scanned images of cover page, first page of the paper showing the Author’s name and year of publication

Row No: Title of the Journal  Name of the Author/s Cover/ First/ Second pages
6 First new record of two diatoms (Caloneis africana (Giffen) Stidolph and Luticola nivalis (Ehrenberg) D. G. Mann) from South West Coast of India (Cochin backwaters) Geo Joseph, Mannancheril Sebastian Francis
36 Two new species of the jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) from the genera Epeus Peckham et Peckham, 1886 and Piranthus Thorell, 1895 from India Malamel, JJ; Nafin, KS; Sudhikumar, AV; Sebastian, PA
56 Mapping the Margins: Interview with Meena Kandaswamy Dr.Rajesh James
76 Eco Tourism initiatives in Kerala-A Study with Special reference to Thekkady Dr.Radhika.P.C
96 Phylogenetic relationship of selected Aristolochia spp. with different generic segregates inferred using rbcL and matK genes Soumya Murali, Rashmi TR and Francis MS
116 Effects of the intense geomagnetic storm of September–October2012 on the equatorial, low-and mid-latitude F region in the American and African sector during the unusual 24th solar cycle de Jesus R, P.R. Fagundes, A. Coster, O.S. Bolaji, J.H.A. Sobral, I.S. Batista, Abreu, K.Venkatesh, M. Gende, J.R .Abalde, S.G.Sumod
136 Transgressing the Borders: Ambiguous Queer Spots, Homoerotic Silences and Tagore’s Gora and Two Sisters Dr.Rajesh James
156 GC-MS Analyses of Stem and Leaf Oil of Aristolochia krisagathra Sivarajan and Pradeep-An Endemic of Western Ghats, India Murali, S; Francis, MS; Rashmi, TR
176 Highly luminescent yellow and yellowish-green light-emitting electrochemical cells based on cationic iridium complexes with phenanthroline based ancillary ligands Sunesh C.D., Chandran M., Mathai G., Choe Y.