Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)

Thevara, Kochi - 682013

Self study report : cycle - IV

NAAC Quality Indicator Framework

Workshops/Seminars on Research Methodology, IPR, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development 2018-19


Sl No: Name of the Event Date Organising Department/Club Entrepreneurship/ IPR/ Research Methodology/ Skill Development Supporting Document
1 Workshop on PC Assembly 02.07.2018 Department of Computer Science Entrepreneurship Development
2 Workshop on Copy Editing 11.01.2019 Department of English Entrepreneurship Development
3 Workshop on Preparation for Competitive Examinations 19.07.2018 Department of English Entrepreneurship Development
4 Seminar in connection with World Ozone Day 2018 17.09.2018 Centre for Environmental Studies Entrepreneurship Development
5 Training Session on the occasion of World Environment Day 2018 05.06.2018 NSS Entrepreneurship Development
6 Gandhi Smrithi 30.09.2018 NSS Entrepreneurship Development
7 Training in Paper-Bag Making 04.08.2018 NSS Entrepreneurship Development
8 Second Edition Of Subhi Tresa Memorial Seminar 17.12.2018 Department of English Intellectual Property Rights
9 One Day Workshop on ‘The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Academic Research` 30.11.2018 IQAC Intellectual Property Rights
10 A Seminar on Research Methodology 13.06.2018 Department of English Research Methodology
11 A Talk on Research Methodology 13.08.2018 Department of English Research Methodology
12 Dr Dan Thottakkara Memorial National Seminar 12.12.2018 Department of English Research Methodology
13 17th Prof.K.V.Thomas Endowment Seminar & Second International Symposium On New Trends in Applied Chemistry 14.01.2019 Department of Chemistry Research Methodology
14 Engendering Public Sphere Need and Relevance 26.08.2018 SWASTI. Women’s Cell Research Methodology
15 National Seminar on Sustainable Development and Climate Change 19.02.2019 Bhoomitrasena Skill Development
16 Workshop and Exhibition on the occasion of National Statistical Day Celebration 29.06.2018 Department of Computer Science Skill Development
17 Workshop on Statistical Analysis using R and Excel 02.08.2018 Department of Computer Science Skill Development
18 Fete de la Musique 21.06.2018 Department of Oriental Language Skill Development
19 Workshop in Preparation for National Youth Parliament 01.01.2018 NSS Skill Development
20 Workshop on Ayurveda 13.08.2018 NSS Skill Development
21 Honouring cadaver Organ Donor’s Family 17.12.2018 NSS Skill Development
22 Blood Donation Awareness Seminar 08.10.2018 NSS Skill Development
23 Urjakiran Awareness Seminar 26.03.2019 Department of Physics Skill Development
24 Lunar Eclipse – Awareness Seminar 26.07.2018 Department of Physics Skill Development
25 Workshop on Bee Keeping 31.10.2018 Department of Zoology Skill Development
26 Seminar On ‘Outlawing Section 377’- A Sociological Analysis 17.09.2018 Department of Sociology Skill Development
27 Art Workshop in Association with Kochi Biennale 12.03.2019 SH School of Communications Skill Development