Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)

Thevara, Kochi - 682013

Self study report : cycle - IV

NAAC Quality Indicator Framework

List of Ph. D Scholars and Registration Details

Number of Ph.D.’s Awarded per Teacher during the Assessment Period


Sl No: Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD Proof
1 Angel Blossom Commerce Dr. Mathew Jose Evaluation of CSR of Kerala based Commercial Banks 2013. 2019
2 Princy Francis Commerce Dr. Mathew Jose A study on customer satisfaction in e – Commerce 2013. 2019
3 Pradeep M.S. Zoology Dr. P.A. Sebastian Taxonomy and bioecology of ground-dwelling spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) in the Kerala region of Western Ghats 2014. 2019
4 Agile Joy Economics Dr. K. V. Raju Dynamics of integrated Farming in the Pokkali Fields of Kerala 2014 2019
5 Martin K. J. Economics Dr. K. V. Raju An Economic Analysis of School Dropout in The Coastal Regions of Kerala 2008 2019
6 Parvathy S. Economics Dr. V. T. Jose Financial Liberalization, Credit Market And Rural indebtness: A Study With Special Reference To Agricultural Households in Kerala 2010 2019
7 Revathi K. Sivadas Economics Dr. V. T. Jose An Economic Analysis of Agricultural Sector of Kerala With Special Reference To Spices Economy Under Wto Regime 2010 2019
8 Resmi C. P. Economics Dr. V. T. Jose institutional intervention in Natural Rubber Cultivation in Kerala 2013 2019
9 Rigi T. P. Economics Dr. V. T. Jose Performance of Coir industry At Firm Level in Kerala: The Study On Impact of Technological Changes 2014 2019
10 Vandana Aravindan Economics Dr. V. T. Jose Significance of Wetlands in Sustainable Development With Special Reference To Kerala 2010 2019
11 Smitha Mathew M Commerce Dr. Thomas John M India Post: A study on financial services and customer satisfication. 2012 2018
12 Sunish E Zoology Dr. P.A. Sebastian Systematics of spiders in Central Malabar, Kerala, with special emphasis on Mygalomorphs (Araneae: Orthognatha) 2014 2018
13 Madhusudhanan Nair M.S. Economics Dr. K. V. Raju Agricultural Indebtness In Kerala- A Case Study Of Idukki District 2010 2018
14 June cyriac Chemistry Dr.M.George The Gas Phase Rearrangements of Protonated Stycyl Ketones Catalysed By Methoxy Group An Esi Mass Spectrometric investigation 2010 2016
15 Jithin Thomas Botany Dr. V J Dominic Genetic diversity analysis of Pokkali (VTL Series) using SSR markers 2011 2017
16 Dalie Dominic Zoology Dr. N. D. inasu Biodiversity and survival of indegenous ornamental fishes of Keecheri-Puzhackal river systems of Kerala with emphasis on handling and packing stress in Etroplus maculatus 2008 2016
17 K.G. Thadevoose Economics Dr. K. V. Raju Social, Economic And Environmental Impact of Backwater Tourism industry in Alappuzha District, Kerala 2009 2017
18 Soumya Murali Botany Dr. M S Francis Phytochemical and molecular systematics of Aristolochia spp. 2011 2015
19 Emiliyamma KG Zoology Dr. K.A. Karmely Studies on the taxonomy of Chalcididae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Kerala and adjacent area of with a review of known indian species 2006 2016
20 Sajoy P. B Commerce Dr. K. X. Joseph Savings and investment Pattern of Stock investors in Kerala State 2011 2015
21 Raji Mohan Commerce Dr. K. X. Joseph A study on the impact of medical tourism on Kerala 2009 2015
22 Rashmi T R Botany Dr. M S Francis Phytochemical and molecular systematics of Artemisia spp. 2011 2015
23 Sheenaja K K Zoology Dr. T. J. James Social cognition in climbing perch (Anabas testudineus Bloch, 1792), a freshwater teleost fish: effect of habitat and early rearing conditions 2008 2014
24 Presty John Zoology Dr. K.A. Karmely Studies on taxonomy of Pheidole Westwood – a major genus of subfamily Myrmicinae (Formicidae – Hymenoptera) of Kerala 2010 2014
25 Jayakrishnan G. Botany Dr. M S Francis Autecological studies on the river mangrove Aegiceras corniculata (L.) Blanco Kerala 2007 2014
26 P. Ravikumar Botany Dr. M S Francis Ethno agricultural practices of Kurichiyan, Mullakuruman, Thachanaden Muppen and Wayanadan Chetti of Waynad District, Kerala 2009 2014
27 Anitha M. N Commerce Dr. K. X. Joseph Logistics Management in international Airports in Kerala 2008 2014
28 Ancy V. P. Economics Dr. K. V. Raju Fishing industry in Kerala: Perils of international quality assurance standards. 2005 2015