Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)

Thevara, Kochi - 682013

Self study report : cycle - IV

NAAC Quality Indicator Framework

6.5.3 Quality assurance initiatives of the Institution include

Regular Meetings of IQAC

  1. IQAC Meeting Minutes and Action Taken
  2. Structured Curriculum Feedback and Analysis Reports
  3. IQAC Annual Reports

Collaborative Quality Initiatives with Other Institutions

  1. IQAC Quality Initiatives
  2. Details of Collaborations
  3. Proof of Collaborations

Participation in NIRF

  1. NIRF Ranking

Other Quality Audit

  1. ISO Certification

Additional Information

  1. India Today College Ranking
  2. The Week College Ranking



6.5.2 The Institution reviews its teaching learning process, structures & methodologies of operations and learning outcomes at periodic intervals through IQAC set up as per norms

Example I: Introduction of Outcome Based Education

  1. Seminars and Workshops Organised for OBE Implementation


6.5.1 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has contributed significantly for institutionalizing the quality assurance strategies

Practice I: Faculty and Staff Development Programs

  1. Faculty  Training Programmes Conducted
  2. Staff Training Programmes Conducted

Report of the Faculty Training Programmes

Report of the Staff Training Programmes


Practice II: Co-ordination of Extension/Outreach Programmes and Introduction of Service Learning

  1. Report of HEAL
  2. Service Learning

IQAC Club Co-ordination Minutes


6.3.3 Average Number of professional development / administrative training programmes organized by the Institution for teaching and non-teaching staff during the last five years.

  1. Summary Report
  2. List of Professional Development / Administrative Programmes


1.3.3 Average percentage of students enrolled in the courses

List of Students Enrolled for Value Added Courses during the last five years


Attendance of Students Enrolled for Value Added Courses during the last five years


Certificates of Value Added Courses


1.3.2 Number of value added courses for imparting transferable and life skills offered during last five years

  1. Brochures of Value Added Courses
  2. Syllabi of Value Added Courses


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7.2.1 Best Practices Successfully implemented by the Institution

Best Practice I – Research

Best Practice II -Service Learning


7.3.1 Performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and trust

Sustainable Environment: Dissemination of a Sustainable Lifestyle

  1. Environmental Related Policies
  2. Biodiversity Survey of the College
  3. Environment Related MOUs
  4. Reports
  5. Audit Reports
  6. Awards and Recognition
  7. Activities
  8. Environmental Studies
  9. Research Projects