Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)

Thevara, Kochi - 682013

Self study report : cycle - IV

NAAC Quality Indicator Framework

3.4.4 Number of Books and Chapters 2015-16

Sl No: Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters published Title of the paper Title of the proceedings of the conference ISBN/ISSN number Name of the publisher Proof
1 Giby Kuriakose Mutualistic interaction between flowering plants and Animals Pollination diversity in Orchids: A Review 9789382460268 Manipal University Press
2 Vinil K V Financial Inclusion of BPL Families in Rural Areas in Ernakulam Rural Credit in Kerala: Growth, Problems and Prospects 978-93-85-657-00-9 The Dept. of Economics for Sacred Heart (Autonomous) College
3 Dr. Rajesh James London Film and media Reader 3: The pleasure of the Spectacle. Queerdom and pleasure in Contemporary Malayalam Cinemaā€¯ 9780957363151 Academic conferences London Limited.
4 Dr. K M Johnson, Nizara Hazarika and Gunjana Dey. Contemporary Indian Women Writers in English: Critical Perspectives. 9789382178125 Pencraft International
5 K V Raju, P J Sabu Higher Education in India: Towards Structural Transformation 9788183877275 Serials Publications Pvt Ltd