Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)

Thevara, Kochi - 682013

Self study report : cycle - IV

NAAC Quality Indicator Framework

1.3.3 Average percentage of students enrolled in the courses: Attendance:- 2015-16

Sl No: Course details Proof
1 Mural Art
2 Visual Designing
3 Cultivation of Oyster and Milky Mushrooms
4 Seed Technology
5 Introduction to Information Technology
6 Computational Chemistry and Drug Design
7 Digital Investments and Stock Market Influencer
8 Sales Tax Practice
9 Basics of Data Analysis using SPSS
10 Foundation Course on Human Rights
11 Speaking and Writing in English
12 Logic and Critical Thinking
13 Ashtanga Yoga
14 GNU Octave
15 Life Skills
16 Apiculture
17 Ornamental Fish Culture
18 Environmental Studies (BSc Botany)
19 Creative Writing (BA English)
20 Research Methodology (MA Economics)
21 Life Management and Employability Enhancement (BSc Botany)