About Us

Our Motto
(A righteous heart seeks after wisdom)

Our Vision
Our vision is the fashioning of an enlightened society founded on a relentless pursuit of excellence, a secular outlook on life, a thirst for moral values as well as an unflinching faith in God.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide an environment that

  • Facilitates the holistic development of the individual.
  • Enables our students to play a vital role in the nation-building process and contribute to the progress of humanity.
  • Disseminates knowledge even beyond the academia.
  • Instills in the students a feel for frontier disciplines.
  • Cultivates a concern for the environment.
Educational Vision of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate

We, the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, after the example of our founder St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, consider education as integral formation of the human person for the fulfillment of his/her individual and social responsibilities. Our Educational endeavours aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable; who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace and who are ever open to further growth. The secret of the success of our educational institution is a community of teachers who are committed to their vocation, professionally competent, morally upright, just and humane in dealings, and who grow in the true vision of education. Only a band of dedicated teachers can contribute to the making of such young men and women.  The teacher should be an agent of change, an individual of true values imbued with a real love for the discipline he/ she handles and the profession he/ she has chosen.  They should have moral integrity and a true loving concern for the wards entrusted to their care. We aspire towards creating a just human society where dignity of the human person is respected, where unjust structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of ahimsa, religious harmony and national integration is upheld, and where the poor and the marginalized are specially taken care of. Our institutions are open to all students irrespective of caste and creed; they are accepted and cherished as they are and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious traditions. As they are privileged to be in our institutions, they will also have the right to get acquainted with the person of Jesus Christ and his gospel. Being institutions established by and for a majority community based on religion, they will give preference to Christians in admissions and appointments and have a special concern for the faith formation of the Christian youth. For the realization of this CMI goal of education, we expect students, parents and teachers to share this vision and to cooperate with us whole-heartedly.

Coat of Arms

The college Coat of Arms is in the form of a shield divided into four parts by a Cross, with a Crown and Lily at the top and a motto in a Scroll at the bottom.
The Flaming Heart signifies a burning desire for true wisdom and a consuming love for fellow beings. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, the hallowed insignia of the college, symbolizes the passionate love and the unending compassion for humanity.
The Open Book indicates the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual formation - every individual's aspiration. The ship in the Ocean with violent waves dashing against the rocks symbolizes the individual in this world. With proper nurture of the heart and the head, the student should be able to sail safely along the troubled waters of the ocean of life (samsara sagaram) with courage and confidence.
The natural scenery with the Western Oak Tree and the Eastern Palm and a stream flowing in between, suggests the harmonious blending of the ethos of the east and the west, the local with the global. The pre-eminence of the Indian culture is hinted by the Indian palm towering above the western oak.
The white Silver Cross that divides the shield into four parts symbolizes innocence, sanctity, discipline and the triumph of truth. The Crown and at the crest point to the goal of each student - to be crowned victorious, shielded with truth . The Lily symbolizes purity which is the chief characteristic of a true seeker of wisdom.

College Administration

Manager :
Fr. Dr. Augustine Thottakkara
Principal :
Dr. Fr. Johnson X Palackappillil (Fr. Prasant) CMI
Vice-Principal :
Fr. Dr. Jose John CMI
Bursar :
Fr. Nijo Antony CMI

College Council

Principal, Chairman :
Dr. Fr. Johnson X. Palackappillil CMI
Vice-Principal :
Dr. Fr. Jose John CMI
Council Secretary :
Prof. Benny Varghese
Director, Aquaculture :
Dr. V. C. George
Director, School of Communication :
Sri. Babu Joseph
HoD, Botany :
Fr. Dr. Jose John
HoD, Chemistry :
Dr. K. B. Jose
HoD, Commerce :
Dr. Joseph George
HoD, Computer Science :
Prof. Regitha Baiju
HoD, Economics :
Dr. Cherian P. E.
HoD, English :
Dr. C.S. Francis
HoD, Mathematics :
Prof. M P Sebastian
HoD, Physical Education :
Prof. Raju K. A.
HoD, Physics :
Prof. V. M. George
HoD, Sociology :
Prof. Benny Varghese
HoD, Zoology :
Dr. Raju M. K.
HoD, School of Communication :
Prof. Asha Achy Joseph
Office Superintendent :
Sri. Joseph K J
Librarian (UGC) :
Sri. Biju V. V.


Dean - Arts :
Prof. Alphonse Ligori T. O.
Dean - Science :
Dr. K. B. Jose
Dean - Commerce :
Dean - Student Services :
Dr. Raju K A

Elected Representaties

Staff Secretary :
Prof. Sibi K. I.
PTA Secretary :
Prof. Jobin C. Tharian.

Other Offices

Information Officer (RTI) :
Dr. K. B. Jose, Dept. of Chemistry
Asst. Information Officer (RTI) :
Sri. K. J. Joseph (Supdt.)
Director of Hostels :
Fr. Nijo Antony CMI
Hostel Warden (Men) :
Fr. Antony Pallathiparambil CMI
Hostel Administrator (Women) :
Ms. Rini
Hostel Warden (Women) :
Sr. Deepa FCC